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The International Business School was founded in 1989 by Vilnius University, which is one of the oldest and most famous higher education establishments in Eastern and Central Europe. IBS is located in the district called Sauletekis, which is known as the centre of student community.

IBS is a part of progressive community gateway to International business expertise, providing students with high educational standards and quality.

International Business School in Vilnius offers study courses in Russian or English languages.

On the bachelor level:

  • International Business (Eng)
  • International Business and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe (Eng)
  • International Business of Tourism (Eng)
  • International Business/ Международный Бизнес (Rus)
  • International Business of Tourism / Международный Туристический Бизнес (Rus and Eng)

On the master level:

  • International Marketing and Trade (Eng)

Why choose IBS?

  • Global policy in terms of partnership, research projects, exchange programs
  • International focus
  • International expertise of faculty
  • Possibility of Erasmus program
  • ECTS system – European Credit Transfer System
  • Membership on international organizations and networks



Lithuania is lying at the crossroads of East and West and keeps developing rapidly. This country is in the EU and NATO what is helping in economic situation – keeps transforming. Vilnius has always been a multicultural city with its own reach history, unique architectural character, friendly atmosphere, growing number of visitors and students from all over the world.

 Why study in Lithuania:

  • High educational standards and Quality. Lithuania universities have always been known for their high level of teaching and quality of education.
  • In Lithuania the learning environment is very inspiring and comfortable. Many institutions are equipped with superb research, literature, computing, technology facilities. Students have the best conditions to carry out their research in a convenient environment and with highly reputable professors.
  • Internationally valuable and recognized diplomas. Gaining a diploma in Lithuania is an undoubtedly key factor for a successful career worldwide. Lithuania has implemented the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) which makes it easier for international students to make their existing qualifications compatible with the national credit system.
  • Tuition fees and living expenses are reasonable. The tuition fees and living costs in Lithuania are relatively low compared to the other European countries.
  • Mobility opportunities. Lithuanian institutions of higher education are active participants in various international programs. They consistently develop communication with higher education schools abroad.
  • Rich culture. The country possesses a rich cultural and historical heritage. The Old Town of Vilnius is even inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Jazz festivals, international theatre events, world-known singer's performances are being held throughout the year all over the Lithuania.


Currency rate: 1 EUR = 3.4526 LTL

Education: Please fin this information on the left side of this page.

Living cost in Lithuania varies place to place, but generally it is not an expensive country to live in.

The total living expenses of a single student are ≈ 230 euro per month (accommodation included). However it is very much dependent on individual habits and lifestyle.

An example of the most important expenses:

Living place is in average 70 - 115 euro per month.

Transportation is around 14 euro per month.

Food and other costs are in average 144 euro per month.


Finding a place to live often takes time, so we advise you to contact the Institution in order to get the information about accommodation as soon as you have been admitted in case you have not received the form with your admission letter.

International Business School atVilnius University will be able to assist students to get a place in one of the dormitories (average price is 70 Euro per month).

What is more, there is a possibility to rent a room in the private flat, then the price will be a bit higher (approximately 100- 115 euro per month).


 Most students get their income from working abroad. However, while studying in International Business School at Vilnius University, students are allowed to work from the second year of their studies. There is a career center in the University, which will help students to find a job.

Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week.

The following websites may be helpful while looking for a job:


Additional information about working in Litnuania:





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